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About Convalescence

28 June 2021

19:00 -21:00

ReCA invites you to join an online event in which we will take a guided tour through our digital exhibition "Convalescence". We will look at the archival documents, talk about the buildings' historical roles, the architecture of healing and care, and discuss their roles today (some have been turned into luxury hotels, others are up for demolition).
"Convalescence" is a digital exhibition consisting of historical-archival documents of three convalescent homes built in Israel in the 1960s. These buildings were commissioned by governmental pension funds. Their goal was to rehabilitate the worker's condition - and therefore the design was ascetic and efficient.


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ReCA - Rechter Center for Architecture

Image: The Yossef Shprinzak convalescent home in Nazareth, Rechter-Zarhy-Rechter, 1961

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