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Architects care: Building a socially integrated city – Relationships (1)

10 June 2021

17:00 -18:30

We increasingly care about wellbeing, quality of life and inclusion when we think about how places are planned, developed or adapted, but we could do a lot more and need to challenge ourselves to work differently.

We Made That and PRD are hosting a series of discussions focusing on the ways in which social integration can be a fundamental component of what architects and built environment professional do. Using the three themes of the London Mayor’s Social Integration Strategy, we will take a critical view of three different projects, reflecting upon their successes but also inviting challenge as to how they could achieve more.

Relationships span every corner of our lives, from the places we live and work to the places we socialise and seek help. How can we, built environment professionals, work to better nurture, value and prioritise them, and to create better places which foster meaningful connections and relationships?

The session will be an opportunity to discuss the Mayor’s new ‘Connective Social Infrastructure’ Study and bring together panels of experts from within and outside the built-environment sector, fostering open and critical discussion.

Speakers will include Ketki Mudholkar (Hawkins\Brown), Farah Elahi (Greater London Authority), David Robinson (The Relationship Project) & more.
The session will be chaired by PRD & We Made That.


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We Made That & PRD

Image: Philipp Ebeling

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