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Decolonising Urban Spaces

24 June 2021

18:25 -19:30

What are the different ways in which buildings colonise urban spaces, impacting users, environmental priorities and future generations, and how can taking alternative approaches by designing to facilitate wider participation help to mitigate the impact of spatial exclusion?

Sanaa Shaikh, an architect, educator and activist with a passion for inclusion in the built environment, and the founder of Native Studio, will convey her perspectives on the colonisation of space and the built environment, and, supported by some illustrated examples of projects which have evolved through the application of small considerations, explain how the limitations of colonisation of space can be addressed and transcended.

Sanaa’s talk is followed by a dialogue with Lucy Bullivant, place strategist, curatorial director and author, who is moderating the event, and the opportunity to ask Sanaa questions as part of the Q&A via the chat function.

This online event is staged by Temple Bar Trust, which is committed to promoting diversity in architecture and the built environment.


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Lucy Bullivant & Associates/

Image: Project Kiteweb, structure on the rooftops of a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. Native Studio.

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