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Mosul Historic City – A Virtual Tour

29 June 2021

10:00 -11:30

The Iraqi Embassy in London in collaboration with UNESCO and the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers are organising this webinar to give audience a virtual tour of the historic city of Mosul where a team from the AlGhad and QafLab will walk us through the 3D models developed as part of the UNESCO initiative "Revive the spirit of Mosul".

Iraqi Engineers working with UNESCO will also provide an overview of their work as the local protagonists of the project and how the work cares for Maslawi community and its spirit.

Moderated by Al-Kindi Society of Engineers' Cultural Heritage and Outreach programmes director, Mr Haval Kadhem, in this event we will hear from the following speakers:
Mr Mohammed Al Hashemi, (Head of Al Ghad)
Mr Moyasser Nasser, (Project Lead at QafLab)
Omar Taqa, (UNESCO Engineer working in Al Nouri Complex)
Othman al-Hayali, (UNESCO Architect working in Al Nouri Complex)
Anas Zeyad, (UNESCO Engineer working in Al Tahera Church)
Omar Al Taweel, (UNESCO Engineer working in Al Sa’aa Church)


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