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New architectures of well-being – saunas to the rescue?

08 June 2021

18:30 -20:30

During the pandemic, public interest in various health and physical resilience improving activities exploded. Sauna bathing, outdoor swimming, cold water immersion and breathwork, among others, gained countless new followers. How should our built environment support these well-being rituals? What could be the architectural response to these new epiphanies? In these invited talks, renowned architects, designers and experts draw on their research, imagination and practice – to lay out their visions for the personal and communal care regimes of heat, steam and ice.

Speakers (in alphabetical order)
Anssi Lassila (FI), OOPEAA – Office for Peripheral Architecture
Christie Pearson (CA), author of "The Architectures of Bathing – Body, Landscape, Art"
Jane Withers (UK), leading design consultant, curator, and writer
Mikkel Aaland (US / NO), author of "Sweat" and TV series "Perfect Sweat"


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British Sauna Society

Image: OOPEAA – Office for Peripheral Architecture

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