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Sketching the City with Google Street View

16 June 2021

18:00 -20:00

Sit down and sketch a place in your city which has taken care of you during the pandemic w/ special guest Aina Roca Barcelo ( live sketching.

At this event, we will wind down together to sketch some of our favourite places in our city. In small groups we will each choose a Google Street view of a place that inspires us to care about our urban environment or that has taken care of us during the past year. Together, we will sketch it for 20 minutes, while talking about the significance of that place to us. Come prepared with a place you want to share and sketch and some art supplies - paints, pencils, mixed media or digital drawing tools. In partnership with


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MRC Centre for Environment and Health

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Image: Aina Roca-Barcelo

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