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The Architecture for Health

02 June - 12 June

Online exhibition about care for healthy architecture, healthy foundations and climate change.

This exhibition includes a new photography collection about architecture and a story book about creative ways of education using architecture.

Prepared by architect Emina Čamdžic - previous participant at LFA, the exhibition is made to raise awaireness among the general public about: healthy architecture, investment and acknowledge architecture that is good for health. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the architecture society and architects, it needs a road to recovery and place healthy architecture for residents on healthy foundations.

Healthy, sustainable architecture is the best response to COVID-19 and with healthy food habits creates healthy environments, making the path to recovery. Addressing issues such as water usage, environmental damage (plastic bottles in streams), it emphasizes natural environments in correlation to the built environment. The exhibition is organized by Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Arch. MA.


Eminent. [Outlet/ Platform]

Image: Emina Čamdžic, BA Dip. Arch. MA