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The Heat is On: Q&A session

15 June 2021

13:00 -14:00

Now you’ve had a chance to explore our online map quest (The Heat is On: An Energy Sharing Quest - see event below), we hope you have been inspired to find out more about powering, heating and cooling your home or business sustainably and how this is possible by simply using wasted heat or renewable energy that’s all around us.

The GreenSCIES project will use smart local energy systems to utilise waste heat from the London Underground, buildings and other heat sources to warm homes and provide clean electricity for electric vehicles. A team of experts from the project will be on hand during this live session to answer your questions on how to reduce your environmental footprint, how GreenSCIES will help to eliminate fuel poverty and how this new technology will be integrated into our city to create greener, healthier streets.


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Image: Cullinan Studio

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