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Co-Designing Place with Community: Levitt Bernstein, Morris + Company

24 June 2021

18:30 -20:00

Are we doing enough to build places that truly fulfils the needs of its inhabitants, now and for the future?

The Aberfeldy estate is a neighbourhood in Poplar is halfway through a generation-long regeneration. In October 2020 with a record 91.1% voter turnout, 93.1% of Aberfeldy residents voted yes to the next phase of an ambitious masterplan.

Join the discussion with Levitt Bernstein, Morris+Company and Mayor’s Design Advocate and co-founder of ZCD Architects, Dinah Bornat about the work so far on the emerging vision of the Aberfeldy New Masterplan and how empowering entire communities, from business leaders to young people, brings new perspectives to how we conceive our cities and paves the way for truly liveable and meaningful design.

The event will be facilitated by The People Speak and take place online and in-person in their flagship Talkeoke format, an interactive talk-show combining live in person and online approach.


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