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Connectivity and collaborations in urban communities: the unique opportunities of a post-COVID era

04 June 2021

11:00 -12:30

Join our live online event to discuss new ways utilizing big data can improve our urban communities with experts from Tel-Aviv University: Dr. Eran Toch, Dr. Ronit Purian-Lukach and Hadas Zur, Urban sociologist.

Urban environments have undergone a significant shift in public perception during the last year. The fundamental structure of community life has been disrupted, and new modes of thinking are needed to address this change. COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of local cooperation to our prosperity and quality of life.

We will try to answer these questions:
How did the pandemic change the smart cities industry?
Will governments be able to utilize big data tools to combat the next global crisis?
How can communities take an active role in shaping their environments and helping each other?

Audience participation will be welcome in the Q&A part of the event - where you can ask our panel about the solution you would like to see.


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