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01 June - 30 June

ReCA invites you to walk through our new online exhibition "Convalescence".
In 1951 the Israeli Government approved the "Annual Vacation Law," which required employers to grant each employee and worker one vacation a year. Approval of the law led to the establishment of three vacation funds and to a construction boom. In the 1950s and 1960s, the funds built many convalescent homes near the sea or on mountain peaks far from city centers. The vacation at the convalescent home was not carefree, it had a definite purpose - to rehabilitate the worker's condition - and therefore the design was ascetic and efficient. Accommodation conditions were far from ideal - overcrowding, room neighbors, shared toilets and showers, and basic furniture; But the vacationers came mainly for the view, the fresh air, the garden - and especially the meals.

The archival-historical-digital exhibition "convalescence" will focus on the architecture and history of three convalescent homes: The Yossef Shprinzak Resort House in Nazareth, 1961 (Architects Zeev Rechter, Yakov Rechter, and Moshe Zarhy); The Yossef Bussel Convalescence Home in Safad, 1962; and the Mivtachim Sanitarium in Zichron Ya'acov, 1968 (both by Architect Yakov Rechter). ENTER THE EXHIBITION:


ReCA - Rechter Center for Architecture

Image: Mivtachim Sanitarium, Photo: Moshe Gross - Keren-or


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