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Do we really care about women in architecture? – The Big Debate

09 June 2021

Women are often seen as the ‘care’ providers in their circle of influence. But does the architecture profession care about them?

Women in architecture were among the hardest hit during the many lockdowns. Balancing working from home, homeschooling, caring duties and deadlines; many were driven to the brink of exhaustion - to the point of leaving the profession.

The Future of Women in Architecture survey launched in February 2021 revealed that 74% of respondents said that they wanted to remain in the profession. However a deeper look into the long form answers revealed a much more negative sentiment.

Join Women in Architecture for a lively debate on how we can care more for the women in our profession. The need to rise to the challenge of caring for the health and well being of our fellow architects is urgent. Let’s come together to work out how to do this through constructive dialogue and positive action.


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Women in Architecture