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Learning Spaces and Architecture

01 June - 30 June

Photography Exhibition by Danica O. Kus

Daylight, colour and design play an important role in the learning spaces. In this photographic series, I would like to invite you to have a look at the interior of the building, which was designed to stimulate the creativity of the students and teachers.

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication is located on the Greenwich Peninsula in London. It was designed by Foreign Office Architects and completed in 2010. The building is eco-friendly and has both formal and informal learning spaces. The open studio spaces and stepped atrium provide communication between students in different departments. The façade is composed of 28,000 anodized aluminium tiles, inspired by gothic rose windows and flower patterns.

The architects underlined: “Ravensbourne College with a 21st-century learning environment which is no longer focused on the teacher-centred paradigm but a learner-centred paradigm in which learning is experienced as a collaborative process involving students, their peers, faculty, and ready access to the world via the internet”.


Danica O. Kus Photography

Image: Danica O. Kus