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Reclaim Holloway: A Women’s Building For London: Structural Inequality in Architecture

28 June 2021

19:00 -20:00

Fourth in a series of architectural panel talks discussing the planned Women's Building on the site of Holloway Prison. Until its closure in 2016, HM Prison Holloway was the largest female prison in western Europe. The government’s decision to sell this piece of public land has created a unique opportunity to honour the deep and layered history of the site through the provision of a Women’s Building. What are active steps that could be taken throughout this project to tackle the structural inequality inherent in the construction industry? How can the Women’s Building become an exemplary model of an equitable development? Join us for this crucial discussion with the following panelists:

Alice Dietsch (AL_A)
Dr. Susan Moir (The Policy Group on Tradeswomen’s Issues, Tradeswomen Building Bridges)
Dr. Vivian Price (Prof. of Interdisciplinary and Labor Studies, Tradeswomen Advocate)
Anna Schabel (Wilton Studio Architects; Women in Architecture)


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Reclaim Holloway

Image: Holloway Prison; photo by Niki Gibbs

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