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The Camberwell Architecture Treasure Trail

01 June - 30 June

Follow illustrator Agustin Coll’s whimsical architectural characters on an illuminating quest around Camberwell, one of London’s most vibrant areas, to discover the stunning buildings that play a crucial role in caring for and entertaining us.

Able to join anytime through June, participants will initially be given a clue via their smartphone: an illustration of an unknown building. Participants will then have to deduce its identity and head to its location to receive their next clue (alternatively, they can participate from the comfort of their home, using a dedicated website).

Each building will display a unique QR code. Completing the quest unlocks a special illustration!

In partnership with Camberwell Arts.


Agustin Coll

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Image: Kimbal Bumstead


Denmark Hill Station

Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London SE5 8BB SE5 8BB


The ideal location for the activity to start is outside Denmark Hill station. Visit the event website to start the experience.

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