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The Heat is On: An Energy-Sharing Quest

01 June - 30 June

Would you like to know how fuel poverty could be a thing of the past by simply using waste energy that’s all around us? Would you like to understand how to eliminate air pollution? Would you like to know how to reduce your environmental footprint?

Travel along our virtual map quest to learn how smart local energy systems can use waste heat from the London Underground, buildings and other heat sources to warm homes, how clean electricity can be generated for electric vehicles, and how this new technology can be integrated into our city to create greener, healthier streets.

This quest will lead you to activities for all the family and information to help you understand what options you have to heat and cool your home sustainably and take care of our planet. And if you’re keen to know even more, join our live Q&A session on 15th June (see event below).



Image: Cullinan Studio

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