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Together We Care About Public Spaces

25 June 2021

14:00 -15:30

Live, virtual panel discussion with Blaithin Quinn (Irish Architecture Foundation), Muhammad Achour (Places of ARcture), Frank Monahan (Architecture at the Edge) and students and teachers from Holy Faith and Synge Street secondary schools in Dublin, Ireland, with a focus on public realm projects using an innovative co-creation methodology entitled: "Imaginary Public Space" as part of the Irish Architecture Foundation’s 'Architects in Schools' initiative 2021.
Syrian Architect Muhammad Achour and Designer Frank Monahan participated in this initiative. In their collaborative work with the students, the focus was on care, co-creation, pride, citizen engagement and ownership in the design of public space. How we care for our public realm is always relevant, even more so now as we adapt to life in a post-pandemic city.
What can London learn about collaborative design? The young people of today are the future decision makers. Their creativity is a latent treasure.
Let’s hear their voice as they express their ideas about how to care for communities’ public space and celebrate their creativity and innovation.

Funders: Architects in Schools is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, the Department of Education and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.
Hosted by: Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF). The IAF is a not-for-profit that seeks to excite audiences about the cultural value of architecture.
Platform: Zoom webinar
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Blaithin Quinn, Curator of Learning, Irish Architecture Foundation
Muhammad Achour, Director, Places of ARcture
Frank Monahan, Director, Architecture at the Edge
Students and Teachers from Holy Faith and Synge Street secondary schools, Dublin, Ireland


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Places of ARcture

Image: Sinead McDonnell, art teacher during Imaginary public space workshop, Dublin, Ireland.

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