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Who Cares?

01 June - 30 June

‘Who Cares?’ is an installation by design/architecture studios AWMA and Squire & Partners which explores and showcases what care means to communities.

Following a call for submissions, we will set out to identify how we care and how who we care for has changed over the past year as we grapple with the fallout of a global pandemic.

Drawing inspiration from colourful prayer flags, submissions printed on seed-infused recycled paper will be suspended in the windows of The Department Store, at Pop Brixton and at the Re:Sole hub in Brixton Village, forming three different art installations and symbols of care that residents and friends of Brixton can enjoy.

The installation will evolve throughout the month of June, inviting visitors to stop and contemplate what care means to them. Once the display is dismantled, the seed paper will be gifted to friends of Brixton to plant, giving the installation a life after the festival through community seed dispersion.

You can add your voice to the installation by completing our online survey:


Squire and Partners

Twitter: @squirepartners
Instagram: @squirepartners

Image: AWMA/Squire & Partners


The Department Store

248 Ferndale Road Brixton SW9 8FR

020 7278 5555

The window installation is designed to be viewed externally. Unfortunately, we cannot provide access to The Department Store or arrange any internal visits at this moment.