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Why we must revolutionise the workplace for healthcare workers

22 June 2021

11:00 -12:00

Perhaps the most important legacy from this pandemic must be that we care for key workers and give them the best environments possible to do the vital work they perform. For healthcare workers: nurses, doctors, hospital porters, cleaners, this means designing the very best hospital, clinics and units that promote the mental and physical health and morale of staff, so they may perform their roles in a way that is supported, and sustainable. It also means creating environments where staff feel empowered to adapt, as and how a situation demands, so they can act in the interests of patient safety and care as only they know how.

Join this panel discussion to explore the future of healthcare design and hear from specialists behind some of today’s most progressive healthcare settings, and how they support the people that run them through inclusive design and staff engagement.

Meet our speakers:
• Michael Woodford, Director at White Arkiteker London

• Jonathan Erskine - Director EuHPN
• Charlotte Ruben - Architect and Partner, White Arkitekter
• Ruth Charity - Oxford University Hospital Lead & Art Coordinator NHS
• Kevin Bates - Director at Scott Tallon Walker Architects


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White Arkitekter

Image: Anders Bobert