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Showroom Showcase

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The LFA has a proud history of identifying and showcasing the next generation of architects and designers through our highly acclaimed LFA competitions.

For LFA 2021 we are delighted to introduce our new Showroom Showcase, as a unique opportunity for showrooms to engage with the festival, support the next generation of architects and designers, and drive footfall to your showroom.

In 2018 a collaboration between the LFA and V&A museum saw architects create paper castles – architectural models made of paper – as part of a major exhibition. Architects have long demonstrated their ability to use simple cheap materials to stunning visual effect.

New for 2021, this is your chance to have a stunning low-cost architectural installation made of vibrant high-quality paper installed in your showroom windows for the duration of the LFA in June 2021. This provides us with an installation that will be heavily promoted through the LFA website and associated digital campaign, which will highlight your support for new talent.

As part of the LFA you will have the flexibility to hold wrap- around or additional events to engage your client base and those visiting the installation. These events will receive enhanced publicity from the LFA.
This is a unique yet flexible opportunity to engage an architecturally literate professional and public audience in your brand in a covid-secure way.

Here’s how the project works:
The LFA runs an open call for emerging architects and designers to create a bespoke architectural installation made from a common kit of quality paper – including vibrant LFA pink, baby pink, and textured white paper.

Emerging architects/designers submit a portfolio of their work – but no design at this stage.
You select an emerging architect/designer from our shortlist to design your window installation.
Showrooms will be able to select from the pool of emerging architects/designers in the order in which they sign up. Showrooms signing up first will have first choice.

You liaise with the architect and show them your space, agree the design for your showroom window with your architect.

The LFA provides the architect or designer with a standard kit of premium paper from which to build their installation. We also pay them a generous fixed fee of £600 (this is included in your participation fee).

On Thursday 3rd June, your architect/designer will construct their installation from your showroom. You may choose to hold an event or party in your showroom to invite your clients to see the installation being made. You may also choose to setup your own timelapse video to provide you with future content for social media. All showrooms will be open on this evening, with extensive LFA promotion.

The LFA will provide a unique window vinyl for your windows, which provides a bespoke link and QR code to the LFA website, with more information about your installation, as well as audio clips from you and the designer.

After the festival, your installation is yours to use or remove. The intellectual property however remains with the designer.

Additional Benefits.

  • Your installation will be showcased in the windows of the showroom during June 2021 and promoted via LFA website, newsletter and social media helping draw footfall to your showroom.
    Included in all promotion of the LFA Showroom trail.
  • LFA will record a short audio podcast with you and your designer, which will be accessible via your window sticker and LFA podcast channels.
  • Professional photography taken of installation.
  • Social media promotion and campaign around your showroom
  • Recognition as supporter of an LFA competition.

Additional NLA Benefits

  • 1 x NLA Personal Membership
  • Discounted NLQ Advertising, Model Additions, Gallery Hire, Awards lunch bookings & entries, LREF Delegate passes and DMI Catalogue Advertising

For more information contact Hannah Nottridge