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Social Value & Architecture Series

01 June - 30 June

00:00 -23:59

Following the series of events earlier this year, we’re now delighted to present the videos of the Social Value & Architecture series!

Delivered by the East London Architects Group, in partnership with RIBA London, we highlight the work of a diverse panel of speakers both local and international with different professional backgrounds. We explored the importance of social value and its potential for demonstrating the positive impact design offers people and communities in terms of social justice, sustainability and wellbeing, and touched on themes such as homelessness, new ways of living/social housing, inclusive design, reclaiming our spaces and reclaiming our buildings.

If you missed the chance to attend these events, now is your time to catch up!

Join the conversation and let’s celebrate this year’s LFA theme, CARE! Leave us your comments, thoughts and resources that could help others get involved.



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