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As you’re passing by

19 June - 19 July

LFA and Network Rail announced Muslim Women in Architecture (MWA) as the winners of the Curating Concourses competition. Their winning concept, “As you’re passing by”, looks to transform people’s experience of Euston Station’s concourse with a bold, and engaging installation that brings different communities together, using interactive design to communicate content in a way that is accessible to all.

Open to all emerging architects, designers, artists and curators, the competition sought imaginative proposals for a prototype exhibition concept that can enhance station users’ experience, encourage people to engage with displayed content, and test the future of exhibitions in stations.

As part of the LFA in June, MWA’s modular installation will display Network Rail’s Design Guidance Series, reimagining how these 29 printed documents can be exhibited in a more approachable and interactive way. The exhibition concept is split across a number of separate mobile ‘suitcase’ modules – with each featuring two double-sided hinged display panels.


London Festival of Architecture


Euston Station Concourse

Euston Station, London NW1 2DU

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