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Plant Yourself Here

01 June - 31 August

By Lisa McDanell and supported by Mahers Model Makers.

Benches are not very sociable spaces, typically facing outwards onto a busy road or away from a patch of grass. This project challenges this by proposing two reclined seats that face each other, encouraging visitors to interact while maintaining social distance. The scooping form allows users to recline, enjoy the natural feeling of the cork, and look up at the sky while smelling the scented plants behind their head. The project aspires to be a light-hearted piece of street furniture that encourages children to play, and provide a spot to have a short break in busy London life.

In collaboration with Maher Model Makers.


This bench forms part of the 2021 City Benches, a design competition by the LFA, Cheapside Business Alliance and Aldgate Connect BID, that sees see a playful series of nine benches brightening the streetscape across Cheapside and Aldgate.

To hear Lisa sharing the story behind here bench, head here.


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