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Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation 2021

03 July 2021

14:00 -16:00

This annual collaboration between LFA and the Design Museum highlights new voices who are expanding the parameters of architecture in London.

The challenges that London poses to young people are shaping the boundaries of architecture and what it means to be an architect in this city. Precarious working conditions cuts to public services and facilities, social discrimination, and now the repercussions of Covid-19 are just some of the defining parameters facing young people today. In London, they present urgent and complex spatial challenges for the city and its future urban life.

Each year, a panel of influential architects and thinkers are invited to nominate a new voice who is expanding the parameters of what architecture can be, who London is for and what its future holds.

This year’s nominees and nominators are:
- Muslim Women in Architecture (MWA) (Nominate by Shumi Bose)
- POoR (Nominated by Adrian Lahoud)
- The new Curatorial Team at Open City (Nominated by Farshid Moussavi)
- Shamiso Oneko (Nominated by Jayden Ali)
- Nana Biamah-Ofosu (Nominated by Sumitra Upham)

Join the live discussion at the Design Museum, when this year’s nominees will present their manifestos and discuss strategies for building a more sustainable and equitable future for London.

Manifestos is in partnership with the Design Museum.


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