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01 June - 31 August

By NVBL in collaboration with WebbYates Engineers and The Stone Carving Company.

Conversation, pays homage to the history of material and exchange in the city of London. The design celebrates stone, stone craftsmanship and its natural architectural qualities whilst creating a public and intimate space of connection, inspired by the 19th century courting chairs. Conversation is a prototype to advocate the qualities and possibilities of developing stone design, stone technologies and rediscovering the use of stone structurally in architecture. The bench is made solely from stone offcuts, carefully designed and handcrafted, highlighting its natural durability, structural integrity, sustainability and beauty. The stone pieces interlock in a specific order of assembly, connecting and supporting each other, and can be easily disassembled when required for reuse.

The design is truly a collaboration between architect (NVBL), engineer (WebbYates) and craftsman (the Stone carving company).


This bench forms part of the 2021 City Benches, a design competition by the LFA, Cheapside Business Alliance and Aldgate Connect BID, that sees see a playful series of nine benches brightening the streetscape across Cheapside and Aldgate.

To hear Nicola sharing the story behind her bench, head here.


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